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An interview with an exorcist. Fr. Dan Reehil

Father Daniel Riehill performs exorcisms on people who have been possessed by the devil and has spoken about some of the most terrifying things he has seen.

Before a dramatic career change, he worked for companies like American Express and Citicorp, made a fortune in the financial industry, and regularly drank with high-end clients in New York City.

But in 1998, his life changed after he made a pilgrimage to the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina and rediscovered God, confessing all the sins he had committed during two decades of atheism.

It was then that he decided to dedicate his life to God and helping people. He became a priest in Omaha, Nebraska, where he began to perform exorcisms.

Father also said that he had met with the devil twice in his life when he tried to end his sinful life and stop drinking.

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