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Struck by Lightning: The Testimony of Gloria Polo


This is the live testimony of Gloria Polo, medical dentist, in a church in Caracas, Venezuela, May 5, 2005.

“I was at the gates of heaven and of hell”

There are many people, like Gloria Polo, that are under the illusion to be OK according to their own conscience formed by their own personal criteria, or according to the criteria of the world and those around them, o according to the criteria of the devil, BUT NOT ACCORDING TO THE CRITERIA OF GOD, that is, according to THE TRUTH!

This is the fundamental deception of Satan from the beginning of humanity and always (Genesis 3:4-5)!

We human beings are truly adept and ingenious in deceiving ourselves, WILLINGLY, and then forgetting about it so easily!

Popes Pius XII and John Paul II said that the greatest sin is to believe that there is no sin , to have lost the sense of sin! This is the great trap of today for countless souls.

Today few people go to Mass every Sunday and among these, few go to confession regularly. I prefer to know the truth while I am still alive even if the truth is very strong to provoke in me a great uneasiness or to even cause me to enter into crisis (holy!?!?).

If God offers me this great gift of the truth while I am alive, even in a brusque way like a shock (a lightning bolt!?!), I am still in time make a good confession and change my life. After death one cannot change anything for all eternity, just as for the angels one instant after their creation and eternal decision!

I think that this testimony is a gift from God precisely for our times so extraordinary. I believe that this testimony will help many people of good will, who are not afraid to confront themselves with the truth, so as to convert themselves to the Truth and begin to live a new and fulfilling life with Jesus Christ. For us Catholics it will help us to make a good examination of conscience and then a good sacramental confession.

There is already translated into English a short testimony that Gloria Polo gave to Radio Maria in Colombia (see: www.gloriapolo.net).

The following testimony, instead, was given on May 5, 2005 in Caracas, Venezuela. It is much more complete than the one given to Radio Maria in Colombia and so one is able to enter into and to understand better this special experience of Gloria Polo, which I believe is a true gift from God for so many people today who, like Gloria Polo before her unpleasant incident, have fallen into the fundamental trap of Satan to believe they are good and holy, according to their freely embraced illusion and criteria from themselves, the world or Satan, but not according to the truth. Perhaps one could summarize this trap with the words of Pope Benedict XVI : “The tyranny of relativism.”

Father Joseph Dwight

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  1. Dear Gloria,
    Thank you and may God greatly bless you for sharing your testimony with the world. I will pass it on to as many family members and friends as I can, to those willing to receive it.

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